About Us

GMB SPECIALTY FOODS was founded based upon our grandmother’s family recipe generations ago. Grandmother has since passed but the company she began based around that family recipe is going stronger than ever and continues to grow with each passing year.

Fudge Fatale The Ultimate Dessert SaucesSince that single product was developed we have grown to become one of the larger manufacturers, distributors and marketers of American Crafted Specialty Foods on the West Coast. Our products are enjoyed both nationally and internationally.

Since our beginning; we have been the recipient of numerous awards including the prestigious SOFI Award for Outstanding New Product and Best in Class, Food Magazine’s Outstanding New Product award and the Canadian Foods Show’s Best New Product award to name only a few. We have appeared on Food TV Network multiple times, on major television network shows including the Today with Rachael Ray (Rachael’s favorite dessert sauce topping!), the Today Show, CNBC’s Business Update, featured in Better Homes & Garden and The Chocolatier magazine, many newspapers nationally and our Fudge Fatale has even been served at the White House; again only to name a few.

GMB Specialty Foods produces products under seven proprietary brands across a wide variety of categories. We manufacture and co pack private labeled products for a number of nationally recognized leaders in the specialty foods marketplace. We also manufacture food service product for many nationally recognized retailers.

Our continual growth has also made it possible to acquire other small, family owned manufacturers of specialty food products who, like my Grandmother, had a vision and a dream centered around their own, or their family’s, recipe for wonderful, unique and imaginative foods.

Behind each and every brand we manufacture is a deep passion for the products. We have been extremely fortunate in our ability to search out these tremendous brands and bring them to wider and even international distribution. In accomplishing this throughout the years, we are able to offer today’s consumer and retailers a one stop shopping where you may purchase from a wide Family of Quality Brands.

GMB Specialty Foods About UsFrom Chef Hans-Peter Hager’s wonderful Edelweiss Dressings & Sauces created in his famed Edelweiss Restaurant in Hawaii, the Signature Series Pasta Sauces created by Antonio Cagnalo’s mother Mama Pina and served to this day in his five star Zagat award winning Antonello’s Ristorante, to Alexander Black’s tremendous creation Fudge Fatale featured in Today with Rachael Ray as her favorite sundae topping; you will find a wide variety of the highest quality gourmet food products that family and friends gather around. By visiting each brand, you will discover the passion and creativity involved in producing each and every item and the continued dedication in offering you only the very finest foods.For a history of each of our brands please click here.

We are extremely pleased to announce our most recent acquisition: dOni Specialty Sauces and Lean On Me Naturally dressings. These wonderful products are made specifically for today’s consumer searching for healthier more functional foods with Lean On Me Naturally also being diet and weight management friendly .

My family and I wish to thank you for your interest in our family of brands and look forward to being of service to you.


Enjoy Life! 

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