About Brands- Norman Bishop

Norman Bishop was the creation of two Northern California Foodies years ago: Carol Norman and Joan Bishop.

Beginning with a catering business involving family, friends and small corporate events throughout the region, their love of food and entertaining found themselves in the center of a small, gourmet food explosion years back. People were exploring new fresh flavors and both Carroll and Joan had the answers.

They were getting rave reviews in their creation of a line of gourmet mustards; before there was even a gourmet mustard! Carroll and Joan continued in their
experimentation with flavors in their desire to bring to market
only the most flavorful products designed to enhance but not
overwhelm everything from fish and seafood to meat and game.

Carol and Joan met with great 
success gaining customers throughout Northern California but soon sales grew to surrounding counties, then surrounding states. It began to appear that what started as a small cottage business was
beginning to grow into a much larger cottage business and one that required ever more attention and financing.

In May of 1999; our company was fortunate enough to be presented our very first opportunity and that was to acquire Norman Bishop Foods. We took a look and very much liked what we saw and jumped at the opportunity.

What began with a line of gourmet mustards has now become a full line of mustards, marinades,
seafood sauces, rubs and oils still made with the same passion and attention to detail that resulted
in the great success of Carol and Joan. What began with small regional sales now enjoys
distribution not only nationally but internationally as well.

Sold in gourmet and specialty food stores nation wide; Norman Bishop Foods has become a staple in many upscale kitchens. From or best selling Norman Bishop Lemon Butter & Dill Sauce to our ever popular Norman Bishop Wasabi Cocktail Sauce; we truly hope you will enjoy these high quality products.